10 Must Read Blogs For The Ambitious Salesperson

Andy Twomey

June 10, 2015   Follow

They say sharing is caring, and there’s nothing like a blog post fresh outta the oven full of sweet and tasty sales information to start your day. As sales focused marketers, we spend a fair bit of time making the baton change as seamless as possible, and that means learning from the best. Straight from our 'read list' to your eyeballs, we've collected our favourite Sales blogs for you and your sales team.

Our criteria is simple - the blogs chosen, in our opinion, are great creators of valuable content and educational information. They offer the best sales strategies and tactics to ambitious sales professionals week in, week out.

Whether you're a salesperson, marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner.... at some stage or another we're all selling, right? Take a look at these sales Jedi's and may the sales force be with you.

1. A Sales Guy by Jim Keenan


Run by Jim Keenan, who is a top sales influencer and marketing leader when it comes to sales. His blog is full of genuine sales advice and insight into the dynamic world of sales, with an everyday raw sales approach. Keenan is one of the foremost thought leaders in the power of social media to boost sales that can help your inbound marketing strategies.

Posts we ♥

2. Fresh Sales Strategies by Jill Konrath


Sales strategist, speaker and author of two bestselling books Jill Konrath runs this value packed sales blog. Updated daily, you can find prescriptive sales advices for B2B and B2C best practices to attract more clients and boost up your sales in today’s competitive market.

Posts we ♥

3. Fill the Funnel by Miles Austin


Readers of this blog can find fresh tips, techniques and training on web tools focused on sales and marketing professionals. Each post is accompanied by specific examples and suggestions on how to apply them in your daily sales activity for you and your team to grow your business.

Posts we ♥

4. HubSpot Sales Blog


Industry leading experts at Hubspot write daily about sales tips and best practices for business sales. Reaching an audience of nearly two million, monthly readers get information about emerging trends and best practices to get their business sales to raise your business sales to the top.

Posts we ♥ (Some oldies, but goodies!)

5. LinkedIn Sales Blog


LinkedIn Sales Blog is obviously a pretty great place for up to the minute sales content. It's dense, which means there's plenty of good, and it's always updating. 

Posts we ♥

6. Sales Folk


Up skill with help from the good folk at Sales Folk. With a bit of a laugh scattered throughout some serious email nuggets of wisdom, Sales Folk manage to blend examples of doing it wrong, and showing you how to get it right. 

Posts we ♥

7. Sales Engine Blog


Founded by experts sales consultants, CEO of Sales Engine, Craig Wortmann, shares in this blog effective sales strategies for salespeople, from experts to newbies hunger for knowledge.

Posts we ♥

8. Geoffrey James on INC.


Geoffrey James has been writing about sales techniques and technology for 15 years. He’s the author of exceptional books such as “How To Say It: Business To business selling” and more recently “Business Without All The Bullsh*t”. Sales, leadership and innovation tips are the main content of his twice journalism award-winning blog, which posts have appeared in magazines as Selling Power and Brand Week. Plus, we love his image choices!

Posts we ♥

9. Smart Selling Tools by Nancy Nardin


Nancy Nardin is a Sales Tech junkie, and she's willing to share all she's learned with YOU! As a pioneer in sales prospecting technology, her blog is oriented towards sellers that desire to effectively apply process and technology to increase their business revenue and sales productivity.

Posts we ♥

10. The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino


Speaker, author and entrepreneur Anthony Iannarino is the main author of this blog. He uses his high-level insights learned from years of experience in the front of a B2B sales team to share daily practical posts about sales, value creation, leadership and success practices to apply to your business. He gives advices and propose questions of past sales experiences that can improve the actual strategies.

Posts we ♥

Bonus Blog: CloserIQ


A unique platform that is focused on HR for sales people looking to work in emerging tech startups - CloserIQ is focused on providing content that helps to develop and scale your sales career. 

Posts we 


So, have we missed any blogs you are a die hard fan for? Anyone you just need to share with your comrades in the sales trenches? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below, or shoot us an email.

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