Brisbane: More than just a XXXX Brewery

Andy Twomey

October 10, 2017   Follow

The brown snake. Fast, fierce and downright confronting. While you sit there squirming at the sheer thought of it, let me appease your mind - I'm not talking about the extremely dangerous and second most venomous of all land snakes. No, I'm talking about the longest river in South East Queensland. The body of water that flows in all its majestic, brown & murky glory through the city of Brisbane and out to Moreton Bay. Why's this important? What's it got to do with Digital Marketing? Well, nothing really. Except for that fact that You & Co have expanded.

If you can hear something in the distance reminiscent of State of Origin game 3, let me assure you — it's not. Nor is it the sound of Wally's statue crashing to the ground outside Suncorp Stadium, or the River Walk drifting downstream in pieces. That, my friends, is the sound of a thousand high fives in the Y&C offices as we recognise such a massive achievement accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Now, whilst we leave the team to continue their celebrations, I'll take some time to answer a few of the questions I know you're dying to ask. 

Why Brisbane?

As if the cool and calm weather isn't enough to bring anyone to Brisbane! (I kid - Summer's hot as sh*t and the storms are nuts*). But for what it lacks in meteorological diversity, it makes up for with cool, calm and collected people - the kinds of people we like to work with.

*Seriously though, the weather is pretty spot on most of the time.

What’s different?

What, apart from having the XXXX brewery on our doorstep? Well, nothing really. We're still the same agency, backed by the same team and united by the same goals and values. The only difference here is whether you drink XXXX Gold or Toohey's New.

Who the hell are you?

Good question. I'm Andy - the man behind Y&C and now also on the ground in Brisbane. I'll be your Account Director up here in the Sunshine State, working tirelessly to ensure our north-of-the-border customers (and beyond) are having nothing but a north-of-the-border experience. What does that mean exactly? You're just going to have to wait and find out. 


Where are you based?

South of the Big Pineapple, North of the Big Prawn, Left at the Brown Snake. We're centrally located in Adelaide St in the CBD. When we're not there, we're probably escaping the heat at one of the picturesque beaches on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.

So there you have it ladies and gents, You & Co have now expanded to the river city and we're here to stay. As the celebrations die down and we get stuck back into doing what we do best, don your best pluggers and crack a cold one on us. We're extremely excited to see where this new adventure takes the folk of Brisbane and the You & Co team.

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