3 Tools To Build Online Relationships Your Customers Will Remember.

Adam Birman

August 17, 2016

To simply say that the online world has changed the sales journey for consumers and marketers would be the understatement of the century. The internet didn’t just change the game. It tore up the old rules, threw them in the bin and created a world where the consumer is king.

It’s a bit like the effect that the Beatles had on music, Seinfeld to TV, or chocolate to your belly.

Life just hasn’t been the same.

Consumers now won’t buy unless they trust you, your brand and your service. The sales task has changed from forcing the customer down the sales funnel to building strong relationships.

The best way to develop that relationship? Be human!

Sounds easy right? It’s not. Especially as separating marketers and prospective customers is a screen and a hundred million miles of cyberspace. It’s almost impossible to understand who someone really is when communication relies upon email, where the clearest insight  about them comes from whether they use “Kind Regards,” “Cheers” or “Yours Sincerely” to sign of with.


You can check their business website, their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn e.tc. - but these only give an impression that the person wants us to see, and the information can’t really be used to delight. It’s the bare minimum marketers are expected to know. What would be really handy is if there were some new tools out there that could give us a greater idea of who we are talking to.

Funnily enough – we found some!


So how do these beauties work? Let’s start at the point where you’ve received an email from a prospective customer.


Your awesome SEO strategy, fantastic content and beautiful website has been a success. It all combines to tell a brilliant story about your business, a story that has helped drive traffic to your site.  Thanks to all of this you’ve received an email from a potential client! Hoorah!

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty generic email. Nothing special, and it certainly doesn’t give an idea of the man or woman behind the computer.

Before drafting a response it’s important to ask yourself the the key questions – Who are they, why have they made contact and where are they on the Buyer’s Journey?

Enter Crystal

Crystal is a great tool to figure out who this person really is. It provides a description of their personality based off the DISC assessment type and then offers advice on how to approach them. It also answers questions such as “What motivates John,” “How does Sarah act in a group” and “How feedback should be given to to Simon."

By far though, the funkiest feature is called the Email Coach.

Using the personality that Crystal develops, this tool provides an example of an email that resonates with clients. It covers all sorts of emails too - everything from asking your boss for a raise to confirming a sales meeting is drafted for you. It’s easy for you to pick and choose the bits you like.


In summary, Crystal is a bit like a polar bear jumping – it really breaks the ice.


You now have a much better understanding of who this person is and the best way to relate to them. It’s now time to plan the meeting…

Out comes Do!

Do is the ultimate tool with all things meetings. It can help you:

  •  Prepare ahead of time
  •  Run a productive meeting
  •  Allocate tasks
  •  Ensure accountability

Do helps to add authenticity to your business. Meetings often stray off into an unproductive direction very easily, but with awesome features such as the timer and person tagger - those long winded chats about nothing are history!

The tagger feature is extremely useful. During the meeting, you can automatically allocate people to tasks they need to complete. This high level of clarity enhances understanding between all parties and is just another thing that will help you finalise that sale.



Do is awesome. Be like Do.


The meetings all planned, desired outcomes are listed and all parties know what they are accountable for. This is great, but unless you impress your clients they won’t sign on. All that hard researching work for nothing!

Never fear, Charlie’s here!

Charlie helps you keep up to date with everything your client has been doing. Apart from being a database of activity, an hour before the meeting Charlie sends you a one-page brief outlining any activity your customer has undertaken that it thinks you should know!

These include:

  •  News mention
  •  Social media updates
  •  Key points about their business

With this information you are able to show that you are extremely interested in their and their business’ actions, a big win when it comes to trying to impress someone.


Charlie helps to avoid those awkward silences – pretty much the job of the best friend!

These three tools are excellent in helping create a trusting relationship. Of course, there are other things you should do to help build and nurture this relationship.  Developing that awesome online relationship isn't the only thing, but it is certainly key.

To find other nifty little software programs, plus other pieces of advice to help you master that sales cycle, check out the Ultimate Sales Playbook below. Or drop us a line and we will reply using the Crystal Email Coach, organise a meeting using Do and impress you by quoting your last Tweet, thanks to best friend Charlie.