Welcome to You & Co Brisbane


At You & Co, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect, collaborate and communicate with our clients — and your customers. We’re expanding our reach every day.

That’s why we’ve set up new headquarters for our inbound marketing agency in Brisbane, to complement our original Sydney site. It’s all part of our commitment to provide more personalised, local business marketing services to your business — wherever you may be located.


With access to a network of digital and creative media experts and online business marketing consultants  in Brisbane and throughout Australia, at You & Co we’re leveraging the latest technologies and inbound marketing techniques to enable Brisbane businesses engage their customers.


We create meaningful content across all digital formats — including websites, social media accounts,blog posts and email promotions — to attract and convert leads into the customers you want. Wherever your potential customers may sit in the buyer journey, we know where to find them...and how to command their attention.


The first thing that will happen after you contact us is we’ll sit down together and discuss where you’re at. We’ll talk about who your current customer is, and whether or not they’re the same as the customer you'd like to have.

If the answer to that question is “yes, they are…”, our Brisbane-based marketing consultants will show you how you can optimise your business in order to access even more of them — and ensure no potential lead slips through the cracks in the future.

And if the answer if no, that's okay too — we have the resources right here to help find those people. Or more precisely, we'll set up the digital infrastructure to allow them to find you.



A genuine lead generation team for Brisbane business

Our inbound marketing agency in Brisbane does away with those blunt, old school marketing techniques like mass-mailouts and cold-calling. At You & Co we choose to operate on a personal level — taking the time to understand everything about your business, then harnessing that information to create a unique strategy that drives directly towards what you want to achieve. We'll profile your customers to obtain accurate insights into their personal needs, desires and pain points. From there, we create targeted strategies that generate powerful results for your business.

Results that are clear for your business or team. Results that are impossible to ignore.

Do you want your business to be more than just a splash in the expansive digital sea? Then all you need to do is take advantage of our new Brisbane marketing consulting services, and we’ll do the hard work for you.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is core to the inbound marketing philosophy.  It’s an umbrella term we use to cover any digital marketing activity ― including blogging, social media promotion, email or direct online marketing.


Content Creation

The digital world is so fast and full of distraction, that nobody’s going to bother wasting their time reading something boring. That's why you need to capture the attention of your audience  — and give visitors a reason to click on, and return to your site — by creating content that’s original.


Content Promotion

Content creation is only part of the equation. Once you’ve got something to offer your customers and leads, you need to think about how to promote it in a way that reaches as much of your target audience as possible.

Inbound Marketing

Rather than pushing a product in the customer's face, inbound marketing invites the customer to come looking for you ― and sets up the infrastructure you'll need to maintain their attention once they get there.


SEO Consulting

SEO has allowed search engines to index information more efficiently than ever — and right now, it’s the best method we have to seek out the information we want, without having to wade through irrelevant links.


Marketing Automation

With marketing automation tools, you’ll be able to keep track of your customers and leads every step of the way — from attracting customers to closing sales — and target your promotional activities and content accordingly.


Are you interested in learning Inbound?

If that jargon makes absolutely no sense to you, don’t freak out! We’ll explain it all to you when we meet up or you join us for a workshop, webinar or simply read our blog and free resources (trust us, it’s not as intimidating as it looks!). But we also understand that, as a business, it's critical that to stay aware of — and adaptive to — this rapidly changing technology that’s happening around us. Once we understand it, we can take advantage of it and make it work for us.

With that in mind, at You & Co we believe it’s better to predict trends, rather than wait to hear about them or analyse them as an afterthought. For that reason, we focus on floating above the trend — instead building beautiful, timeless results. So whether you're you're simply seeking some assistance with online marketing strategy or you require more comprehensive advice from our strategic marketing consultants, it's time to act.

For more detail on what we’ve done for businesses in the past, check out our portfolio or contact us directly for a chat. Or just to join us for a cup of coffee — any excuse for a caffeine hit will do!