Dollar for Dollar: Digital Marketing Grants in QLD

Bec Purcell

October 4, 2018   Follow

If you’re a Queensland based digital biz who’s a little bit savvy and desperately in need of some epic digital hardware, software or services, then keep reading!

Our old Governmental ball and chain is great at many things, but their love for us local banana benders trumps all else. The Small Business Digital Grant gives eligible applicants the chance to receive $10,000 to access digital technologies & services to enable them to work harder, better, faster, and stronger (thanks ‘Ye). Through the Department of Employment, Small Business & Training, the grant aims to help small businesses access the latest digital tech, increase productivity and competitiveness and improve business confidence and sustainability.

Now, whilst grant reading and writing isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, an extra $10,000 to help around the house would definitely not go unnoticed - especially with the funding being matched dollar for dollar (💰💰💰).

Of course there are a few T&C’s that need to be abided by, who’d be crazy enough to give out money for free?! To be eligible for this sweet, sweet deal, you’ll have to:

  • Have fewer than 20 employees at the time of application
  • Have an active ABN and be registered for GST
  • Be based in the Sunshine State
  • Have a turnover of $2 million or less for last FY
  • Not be insolvent or have owners that are an undischarged bankrupt

Be sure to check out the full breakdown of the guidelines before applying.

Time is definitely of the essence here with applications closing on the 8th of October at 5pm AEST, so if you haven’t started already there’s no time like the present!

We’ve gone ahead and broken down the T&C’s to help you get a meaningful head start on your application - - here are some red hot tips for how you could complete your application.

Have you been considering working with You & Co on a marketing funnel or sales enablement strategy? Maybe needing some inbound lovin’ to share with your customers? Here’s what we’d suggest to get your application over the finish line - see page 4 on the application.

Provide a clear outline of how the technology or service will enhance the digital capabilities of the business and make the business more competitive (this section needs to be no more than 200 words).

Strategy Services

As a proud Queensland business, employing [XYZ] people, we've identified that our digital strategy or go-to-market is in need of review and strategic updates. As our business relies on attracting and converting customers online from not only QLD but also [interstate / globally], there’s a constant need to ensure this is tuned to our marketplace. After careful consideration, we've been able to pinpoint the focus areas of our required strategic improvements. This would include strategic and technical updates to our supporting technology stack ie [technology ie HubSpot]. This will allow [business name] to increase our number of qualified leads and opportunities generated by our existing assets and in turn our sales and revenue in this next period of [dollar amount].

Not only will this help leverage our business exponentially, it will also in turn present us with the capacity to employ more Queenslanders within our growing organisation.

The $10,000 Small Business Digital Grant will prove without peer in increasing our competitive advantage and the value for money, as demonstrated by the forecasted figures, is unparalleled.

You can read more about our inbound strategy service here

Or perhaps you’ve been admiring our website creation skills and are looking to redesign or update your website, pop this beauty in your application.

Website Services

Our website is more often than not, our customers first interaction and first impression of our business. Given we aim to attract customers [interstate/globally], our website is very much a tool to help grow/generate additional revenue. With that in mind, it is of high importance that our website is helping our prospective customers confirm that we’re the ones that they want to help solve their problem. [State problem - needing to increase conversions/visits, increase deployment/speed, integrate into other tools/platforms]. Therefore we’re aiming to engage an agency to carry out a series of strategic updates to our website over the coming months to provide us with a competitive edge and assist in our upward growth trajectories and to solve [problems XYZ].

By executing these updates, [business name’s] website and traffic will directly assist in the enhancement of our digital capabilities and will directly result in revenue growth of [XXX], improve gross profit margins by [XXX], and ultimately save the organisation, employees and customers time by [XXX].

The $10,000 Small Business Digital Grant will prove without peer in increasing our competitive advantage and the value for money, as demonstrated by the forecasted figures, is unparalleled.

You can read more about our website creation service here

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