The Evolution Of Business Communication

Bernadette Mung

April 7, 2017   Follow

Ever since the first caveman, mankind’s nature as chatterboxes and storytellers has set us apart in the evolutionary landscape. Whether it be around the glow of a primal bonfire or the cold light of a computer monitor, we all have our words to weave and stories to tell — that’s true of us as individuals, groups and businesses.

Obviously as digital marketers, words and pixels are our favourite ways to communicate. We wanted to explore the evolution of communication (in particular business communication) throughout time — not simply because it’s the bread and butter of what we love and love to do. The speed at which new technologies emerge and disrupt entrenched systems has accelerated over the past century, and even decade.

So let’s take a look back, from then to now, at how the changing way we’ve communicated has changed us. Ready for a little time travelling? 👇 

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Let's further explore the power of consumers in an evolving communications landscape. Connection is influence At the end of the day, influence boils down to creating connections.

When you can connect with someone, tap into their goals and aspiration and resonate with their struggles, you’re on the road to becoming a trusted influencer in their lives — whether you’re a next door neighbour, or a media personality who’s thousands of miles away. With platforms that allow us to connect with people from all over the world, the spread of individual and organisational influence continues. Distance is no deterrent to creating meaningful and lasting connections.

A conversation goes two ways

It’s pretty straight forward: a conversation is a two way street. None of this “talking at someone” mindset, a dated approach reminiscent of mass media days where businesses had the power to choose when, where and how they communicated AT their consumers. The most potent transformation recent technology brings is the power shift it brings to the consumer. 

Technology is incredible. While the ability to weave influence in wider ways than expected is transformative, technology’s most potent power is undoubtedly the way it’s empowered every consumer. As marketers, we’re doing our best job when we deliver the human experience — creating conversations instead of disruption, giving value instead of demanding attention. The former days of mass media focused on disruption to the consumer, today’s communications focuses on discussion with the consumer. 

After all, we're storytellers

Deep down, we’re all storytellers. The what and why of how we communicate reflects the story we’re living. In many ways, a framing narrative helps us understand the struggles we face in context with the goals and aspirations we chase. The real magic begins when businesses are able to unite our tale of struggles and triumphs with their own tale of success — products are then framed as positive and empowering tools to help us on our own journeys. For businesses, storytelling is at the heart of establishing an effective and respected presence in the marketplace. New technology simply provides new ways for businesses to tell their stories.

Over to you

So it’s clear since the dawn of time, we humans have never stopped communicating — whether it’s around a campfire, over the phone or across the world.

Though the way we weave stories and communicate may have evolved with technology, the reason for communication remains the same: to create meaningful connections.

Are you a business with conversation-starting communication in mind? Is your team looking for a helping hand to accelerate your activity? Let's chat! 

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