Is Your Website Your Most Underpaid Employee?

Harrie Truscott

January 29, 2016   Follow
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What if I told you there was an employee in your office who gets paid less than your average employee, already works overtime and weekends, and never chucks a sickie? This employee is ready to take on more work at any time with a smile on their face and has unlimited capacity as to their career progression with only a little investment.


If you hired a young and capable new person who showed promise and capacity to achieve - would you limit them, or invest in their potential?

I’m here to tell you about your most underutilised employee. The one who has infinite capacity, takes direction like a pro and does plenty of the heavy lifting for your sales, customer service and marketing teams.



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There’s a viewpoint in “business land” that your website redesign is a project with a deadline, and upon that date your computer comes to life and says “I’m a website, here I am!” and starts spurting money out from within the screen. After the great unveiling of the huge investment, months of development, countless back and forth acronym filled conversations, and a rebrand for good measure, why shouldn’t the money flow? It’s not that crazy. You worked hard, there was a hefty bill, and everything on the to-do list was ticked off.

But within 18 months you’re going to start to wonder… “Hey website, you used to be exciting. You used to feel new and cool and now I’m finding faults left, right and centre and I can’t get you to change. Will you change?”

Let’s take a step back and remember - your website is another [underpaid and underutilised] employee. Instead of giving your website a bonus only pay structure, why not consider giving it a consistent wage and some upskilling? Your website will only give back what you put in, so make your website work for you. 


Think again about the average cost of an employee and humour yourself at factoring that cost into your best employee *the one that doesn’t take sick days*. What would happen?

Showing up is all you’re giving your website the chance to do if you don’t ‘upskill it’. (click to tweet)

You can think of Growth-Driven Design as a form of progression planning an employee. You can start small on the investment front, both time and money, while giving your website the flexibility it needs to suit your business direction at all times. Launching a new product or service doesn’t need to cost the earth and wait for the next major development. You could be upskilling your “employee” in line with growth and revenue goals for your online community - with only marginal increases in spend for excellent ROI. How many employees can you say that about?

Planning your next website redesign with GDD works better on a low consistent wage than a commission - meaning your cash flow is easily managed.


The best part of using growth-driven design for your website is that you don’t have to put anything on hold. You can gradually grow your website, blog, and social media profiles in line with the month to month changes and upgrades on site. Unlike the traditional web remodel, which can halt your efforts for months and leave you relying on your existing flawed website to convert customers while you wait.

Imagine getting three pages into your site redesign and looking at the analytics and you decide something isn’t working as it should. You would like to pivot the brand image, or perhaps speak to a new audience. No further delays to the marketing - you can just allow for changes in the strategy - while you learn about your online audience and develop how you can give them what they want. Adaptive design for growth and flexibility.


So if you find yourself asking “why did I just spend between 12-50K on this project that took 5 months, and now we’ve reprinted all our business collateral with the new logo - for what?” then growth driven design is right for you! Take a look at how to plan your website redesign using this flexible strategy my popping your email in the field below. We’ll have it over to you quick smart!

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